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LLUP : Limited Lifetime Ubiquitous Protocol

What is LLUP?

LLUP is a notification system that can (but is not required) to use an XML-based element and attribute structured format that has been predefined to include:

I think its best that we get some input from Uche before trying to tackle anything from that arena ;)

While the sample below is not very well thought through(in terms of the category[@label|@term|@scheme] standpoint), its a start, and gives us a think or two to play with as we move forward in this space.

NOTE: Its almost eerie how well the category element and term. label, and scheme attributes fit into the RPV space. Hmmm... ya think Tim and company are trying to lay some groundwork in the RDF space, without coming right out and saying it (none of the attributes specify what they must contain... Which definitely seems like a "lets see who can figure this out first" kind of easter egg to me... Any thoughts?

Another note worth pointing out is that there really is no need for the top level 'recipients' element as well as 'categories' (what would have been 'keywords'. Theres no added benefit from an implied understanding as to what it means if there is a pluralized parent element or not, so why even have it? This is in direct response to the fact that the 'category' has no 'categories' parent within the Atom 1.0 spec... obviously they recognized the benefit was null. Following there example, and keeping as close to the original spec as possible, heres what I came up with.

Sample Atom Notification with integrated LLUP elements and attributes:

POST /blip-notification HTTP/1.1
    Host: blip.ws
    Content-Type: application/atom+xml
    Content-Length: nnnn

    <notification action="updated"> 
    <!-- NOTE: possible values for @action = created, updated, deleted. 
         subscribe, unsubsribe would need to be added.  I think.  Russ, 
         can you verify based on the development work you did if these 
         are necessary @action values? -->
      <entry xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2005/Atom" xmlns:pub="..." xmlns:llup="http://www.x2x2x.org/2005/LLUP">
        <link rel="self" href="https://secured.iblog.name/m.david/public/groups/comp/lang/lisp/HelloLLUP.xml" />
        <title>Hello LLUP</title>
        <published llup:expires="2005-09-15T00:00:00Z">2005-09-08T00:00:00Z</published>        
          <name>M. David Peterson</name>
        <summary>Heres a quick 'Hello World' sample for all you lisp weenies out there.</summary>
        <category label="computers" term="programming" scheme='http://channelxml.org/channels/top-level' />
        <category label="languages" term="lisp" scheme='http://channelxml.org/channels/mid-level' />        
        <category label="sample" term="HelloWorld" scheme='http://channelxml.org/channels/specific' />
        <llup:recipient href="nntp://comp.lang.lisp" />