LLUP / blip / element / signature

The 'signature' Element

The 'signature' element represents a MicroID signature for a message sender to claim ownership of the reference URI in which the BLIP message points to. At the time the BLIP message is generated, a MicroID signature is generated and added to the 'signature' element of the the BLIP message. That same signature is then added as an HTML 'meta' element in one of two places: The /html/head tag of the URI reference that the message points to or another URI specified in the 'href' attribute of the signature element.

The 'href' attribute

In the case in which the URI reference points to a resource that is not an HTML document, the optional 'href' attribute can be used to point to a second resource that is an HTML document who's only purpose is to validate that the URI reference the message points to is owned by the sender of the message.